No Encryption

phpVID is 100% open and you can customize it as you want to meet your needs and change themes and genre of your website easily.


With our all oops based technology used in creating the software. It is easy for a developer to extend and add applications to your website.

Multi Lingual

phpVID - Video Sharing Script is multi lingual so you can use it in the native language you want!


Groups feature allows the users to add in groups which can be used to promote their channel.


Users can create their channels and add videos to the same same like youtube and also promote it.

HD Video

Stores and converts the videos uploaded by members to HD Video so your website can be modern.

Sell Videos

You can sell videos uploaded and make money from your visitors as well. You can sell download and views separately.

Sell Subscriptions

Sell monthly, quarterly, yearly subscriptions to users to view content/videos uploaded on the website!