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Android Programming :: What is AsyncTask and how to use it with example?

AsyncTask is a way to create threads in your application. The android application runs on a main UI thread and all events and user input and your added functions are added in that UI thread to execute. The need to use a thread comes when you need to do a lengthy job which will take [...]

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Android Programming :: How To Download File From Internet?

Many times in making an android app you may need to get files from internet and store them on the local android device for later use. For that same purpose you have to download a file and write it on local device. In order to download a file from internet we make use of the [...]

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Android Programming – Making a HTTP Get Request From Application

We will be starting mid level to advanced level Android Tutorials for everyone wanting to learn the android and how to program for android. In this series we are starting with the article which will explain how to make HTTP get requests from your application. In order to make HTTP Get requests from your applications [...]

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