Admin Panel Features

The admin panel is extensively designed to provide the administrator of the website with easy tools to manage the website and to make it a great success easily.

The admin panel features include:


  • Add New Campaign
  • Edit/Delete Campaign
  • Add New Banner
  • Edit/Delete Banner

Dash Board

  • See Who is Online
  • Daily Signups
  • Download Verified Emails

Manage Users

  • Non Verified Members (All)
  • Confirm All Members
  • Who has signed up (All)
  • Who has signed up (Today)
  • Who has signed up (Yesterday)
  • Who has signed up (This Week)
  • Who has signed up (This Month)
  • Who has signed up (This Year)
  • Search By Member ID
  • Search By Member Email
  • Search By Member Username


Music Genres

  • Add Music Genre
  • Modify Music Genre
  • Director Genres
  • Add Director Genre
  • Modify Director Genre
  • Guru Genres
  • Add Guru Genre
  • Modify Guru Genre

Comedy Styles

  • Add Comedy Style
  • Modify Comedy Style

Video Categories

  • Add Video Category
  • Modify Video Category


  • Display All Videos
  • Display Member Videos
  • Search By ID
  • Search By Video Name
  • Flagged Videos


  • Display All Groups
  • Display Member Groups
  • Search By ID
  • Search By Group Name
  • Flagged Groups

Manage Pages

  • Change About Us
  • Terms of service
  • Change Privacy Policy
  • Change Contact us
  • Help

Email Templates

  • Signup Email
  • Forgot Password Email
  • Share Video Email
  • Add Friend Email
  • Group Invitation Email
  • Send Message Email
  • Post Comment Email
  • Post Video Response Email
  • Join Group Email
  • Group Topic Addition Email
  • Group Disscussion Addition Email
  • Post Video Comment Email


  • Add News
  • Modify News


  • Site Configs
  • Meta Tags
  • Manage Admin Users

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